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Computer heat dissipation fan for computer case



Back to listRelease date: Sep 09, 2019

this article relates to a device for reducing the temperature in a computer case, especially a computer cooling fandevice for a computer case.

the existing computer mainframe chassis mainly uses the cooling hole method and the fan exhaust method to cool the chassis, so as to ensure that all computer accessories work in a suitable low temperature environment. However, the working efficiency of the above two heat dissipation and emission methods is relatively low, which often cannot meet the requirements of chassis cooling needs.

practical content

the purpose of this paper is to provide a computer heat dissipation fan device for computer chassis, which mainly solves the technical problem of low heat dissipation efficiency of the existing heat dissipation hole mode and fan exhaust mode, and can fully utilize the low temperature air outside the chassis to reduce the temperature inside the computer chassis.

in order to solve the above problems, this article is implemented as follows:

through the above technical scheme, the beneficial effects of this paper are as follows:

this device can make full use of the low temperature air outside the computer case to reduce the temperature inside the case. If the existing heat dissipation hole structure and the exhaust fan structure are combined, the heat dissipation efficiency of the computer case can be further improved.

description of drawings

fig.1 is a schematic structural diagram of this article.

in the figure:

1 a hall magnetic control switch;

2 a power supply;

3 a turbocharger;

4 a motor;

5 a fan;

6 a metal porous filter;

7 a filter screen hole;

8 an air inlet;

9 an air outlet;

10 a shell.

please refer to fig.1, which is the structural diagram of a computer cooling fan device for computer chassis. As shown in the figure, it is arranged on the panel of the computer case, and is provided with a filter screen 7 and a fan 5 controlled by a motor 4 in turn on the inlet and outlet paths.the fan 5 in the air path is also provided with a fan 5 controlled by turbocharger 3 controlled by motor 4. A metal perforated filter sheet 6 is also arranged between the filter screen 7 of the air passage and the fan 5. The control circuit of that motor 4 also comprise a power supply 2 and a Hall magnetic control switch 1.

when in use, the turbocharger 8 carries out rotary pressurization, and the low-temperature air outside the pressurized cabinet is filtered through a filter screen and a metal perforated filter sheet in a secondary way, and the pressurization action is achieved by controlling a hall magnetic control switch to drive a turbine by a motor. In this way, it can be ensured that the outside of the chassis is low warm air, continuously enter the computer chassis, reduce the temperature in the box. Moreover, the filter screen 7 and the filter sheet 6 can filter the air entering the cabinet to prevent dust from entering.

in addition, if the device can be installed in the same straight line with the heat dissipation hole or the computer heat dissipation fan, the heat dissipation effect is better.

in summary, the above is only the preferred embodiment of this document and is not intended to limit the scope of implementation of this document. That is, all equivalent changes and modifications made in accordance with the contents of the patent application scope herein shall be within the technical scope herein.